Access and share your reports securely from anywhere.
    Any device.

    Your reports. Anywhere.


Reports on the web

Upload reports to the cloud storage, either manually or by a scheduled job, and have the output instantly available for your users in the web browser for searching, viewing or downloading them as PDFs, MS Word and other output formats.

Report aggregation

Do you have multiple applications in your organization? They can all share the same report repository, making it even easier for your users to find the information they are looking for.

Responsive Design

Big screens, small screens, desktops, tables, mobile phones ... The web page modifies its look&feel to look best on the device you use.

Easy sharing

Do you need to share a report with someone? Send them the shared link and they can access the report (and the report only) in your repository.

Hosted or on-site planned

In future versions you will be able to host reportsincloud on your servers or in your own Azure subscription.

Open API accessible from your VFP code

Everything can be controlled via API, right from your VFP code. Please see more at our documentation wiki.

XFRX Integration

Modify your current code in no time - just change the output type to "XML" and call the API method to upload the report.

Autoexpiring reports planned

Reports can have an expiration date/time after which they automatically disappear from the repository.

Pick subdomains for you and for your customers

Add and maintain your customers as organizations under your subscription, each organization having their own subdomain and separate report repository.


Every communication with the server, via the web browser the the API calls, are secured by https.

Free for XFRX customers with an active subscription

XFRX customers with "all output types" license with an active subscription have a free 5 subdomain/user access to RIC as part of the XFRX license.

Check out the online demo (log in as username: demo, password: demo)

Setup your own subdomain in less than 5 minutes

Please follow the detail instructions on our wiki at